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Over 1075 classes with over 4600 participants in the last 12 years.

It was an incredible experience for the whole family and we all dined on some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten - Flavorful, Healthy and Nourishing.
P.G., Glen Head, NY
This class excites the senses and the intellect. Extremely flavorful, healthy and hands-on.
R.P., New York, NY
Great experience. Sanjay's explanation of the ayurvedic wellness theories behind Healthy Indian cooking was excellent. And the food was, of course, delicious.
R.M., New York, NY
The class was super well organized, the dishes came out delicious. This experience is so unique and well done.
E.K., Brooklyn, NY
Sanjay's class is excellent! He is truly a master conveyor of information and in creating healthy vegetarian dishes.
M.U., Brooklyn, NY
We were so inspired by the experience that the very next day we went and bought all the spices and ingredients to try and re-create our healthy and delicious meal.
R.H., Bedminster, NJ
Sanjay makes all of the information engaging, and I came away with a number of new skills plus delicious, vegetarian leftovers.
E.G., New York, NY
Sanjay loves his craft which made us even more enthusiastic. Highly recommended for its healthy and delicious dishes.
A.P., Queens, NY
It was a great experience and the food was delicious.
K.M., New York, NY
Not sure what to expect, we were totally blown away. Sanjay is a great educator who presents history, ideas, and a hands-on methodology in an easy to understand and clear cut fashion. Our Kosher menu was delicious and healthy.
A.V., Brooklyn, NY
Thank you for a fun filled cooking extravaganza. It was a great evening. Everything was delicious and healthy.
P.M., Woodcliff Lake, NJ
We enjoyed the vegetarian lesson and food was delicious!
B.A., Queens, NY
We had a wonderful time and learned so much. A delicious and healthy birthday gift that will be hard to top.
J.G., Brooklyn, NY
We absolutely loved it and our vegetarian dinner was absolutely delicious, healthy.
L.L., Brooklyn, NY
We had a fantastic time - Delicious and Hands-on
M.E., Brooklyn, NY
A very enjoyable cooking class - informative, delicious and healthy.
H.D., Brooklyn, NY
We all had a wonderful time and learned so much! It was delicious.
A.T., New York, NY
Sanjay is a wonderful teacher and not only teaches you how to cook the specific vegetarian dishes, but gets you excited about the entire cuisine. We made dishes that were healthy and delicious.
J.H., New York, NY
We learned to efficiently create yummy, nourishing, healthy dishes, a lifesaver when time & space are at a minimum. Highly recommended.
J.O., New York, NY
To sum it up: A truly amazing experience! What's better than a knowledgeable expert coming to your and then showing you how to make a fantastic, healthy, delicious meal?
K.G., Brooklyn, NY
Outrageously delicious, healthy, hands-on, enlighting and memorable.
B.S., New York, NY
Sanjay taught me unique Indian cooking technique of layering which is new even to me who cooks a great variety of foods.
P.I., New York, NY
Sanjay put together a menu that was both vegetarian and low fat as we requested, but still astonishingly delicious and healthy.
A.B., Scarsdale, NY
Sanjay showed us ways to create vegetarian dishes that are delicious but also healthy and that our baby can also enjoy.
E.K., Brooklyn, NY
Sanjay doesn't only teach you simple, healthy, delicious, vegetarian recipes, he gives you the building blocks to really develop your cooking skills.
S.K., New York, NY
You get to really see and taste the difference between Indian take-out and authentic Indian home cooking - flavourful, healthy.
G.E., Brooklyn, NY
The most delicious and healthy meal cooked in our kitchen thus far.
L.C., Stamford, CT
Sanjay is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun teacher. He showed us to cook simple, healthy, delicious vegan recipes.
A.G., New York, NY
Amazing food that I couldn't wait to eat again. Sanjay taught us how to cook by smelling and seeing rather than by timing and how this helps to keep the dish and your body healthy & balanced.
M.C., Albany, NY
Sanjay provided us with an incredible experience. Everything we made was light, healthy and delicious and we learned to cook using our sense of smell and sight.
R.C., Hoboken, NJ
Sanjay did much more than just walked us through the recipes and the food ended up being delicious and healthy.
M.L., New York, NY
We cooked together the best Indian food we ever had - Flavorful and Healthy. Now I am sure there is much more to Indian food than what we get in restaurants.
I.A., New York, NY
Sanjay did a stellar job of helping us understands basics of Indian cooking and the dishes were all very fresh and importantly healthy.
A.S., Brooklyn, NY
Class was incredibly interesting & helpful and food was delicious and healthy.
W.F., New York, NY
We so enjoyed every bit of the class - learning about Indian culture, its food and Sanjay's flavorful and healthy cooking.
J.B., Brooklyn, NY
It was an amazing class - the presentation, the cooking process, the delicious and healthy food and the wealth of information. Everything was outstanding!
O.G., New York, NY
We had a wonderful time during the cooking class, and the result was astonishingly delicious. The experience was definitely worth it!
N.V., New York, NY
We enjoyed every moment of the cooking class. The flavors, and of course, the wonderful and healthy food all combined to make a very very nice evening.
J.J., New York, NY
This Indian cooking class was a lot of fun and was a great experience! Sanjay is a very patient teacher and a great cook.
A.P., New York, NY
We enjoyed the cooking class so much and the food was delicious.
A.M., Stamford, CT
The food was so delicious and healthy; our guests were wowed.
J.L., New York, NY
All of the food was amazingly delicious and well-balanced especially the chickpeas.
S.H., Brooklyn, NY
We enjoyed the class a lot and when we tried making the dishes ourselves it turned out GREAT - Tasty and Healthy.
K.Y., Brooklyn, NY
The class was just fantastic! - informative, delicious and best Indian cooking class.
J.W., New York, NY
It was terrific! Absolutely delicious, healthy Indian cooking class you can attend.
M.N., New York, NY
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