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Cindy SlavinCindy Slavin
13:20 04 Jun 24
If you want to learn Indian Home Cooking call Sanjay @ Indian Home Cooking. He arrives at your house with all the pots, pans and food necessary to teach you a few delicious dishes. In addition, he teaches you about the history of Indian cooking and spices. I loved it, it was an amazing experience.I would do it again and again.
Moran NakarMoran Nakar
15:35 12 Sep 23
AMAZING experience! Highly recommend this class. We enjoyed every moment ☺️ thank you so much
Brian De MuthBrian De Muth
15:57 21 Jun 23
Wonderful personalized experience in learning about the history, the cultural influences and the specifics of preparing authentic Indian cuisine. The mystery of 'how to cook Indian food' was revealed in the methodical teaching of the " layers" of the ingredients and the specific cooking techniques practiced while cooking several different dishes with our learned instructor Sanjay. I highly recommend the course!
Zarina Z.Zarina Z.
02:08 22 Mar 23
Best cooking class I’ve ever taken. Sanjay helped with figuring out the menu based on our tastes and experience level, provided historical background on cooking methods and spices, and gave a lot of tips throughout the class. It was fun! And educational; none of us had ever cooked Indian food before and he made it feel accessible and shared where we could get specific spices/tools. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take a cooking class.
Ventrice LamVentrice Lam
17:55 14 Feb 23
Sanjay far exceeded our expectations of the class! His menu proposal was thoughtful, and his class was extremely well-planned, informative, and entertaining. Most importantly, the food was DELICIOUS and we feel like we have a strong foundation to explore new Indian recipes going forward. Thanks Sanjay!
Martha WattsMartha Watts
15:52 02 Feb 23
Sanjay came to our home for a 4-hour lesson, supplied with food for a dinner for six and a beautiful array of spices. He gave a thumbnail sketch of the history of Indian cuisines and then led us through the process of making 4-5 dishes, explaining the steps and emphasizing the importance of smelling and tasting the food as you progress. He was very lively, articulate, enthusiastic, funny, organized, and brought the key utensils he uses. All around, a delight, highly recommended.
Nadja PinnavaiaNadja Pinnavaia
22:26 31 Jan 23
My mother-in-law and I had a fabulous experience with Chef Sanjay. Prior to the session, Sanjay worked with us to figure out our needs and preferences. Based upon that he suggested 4 meals to make. What I enjoyed was the initial background setting out the why of combining certain spices, and then showing us how to cook with them, giving us the confidence to then expand our repetoire across other meals. I enjoyed the afternoon very much, and then, as a family, we enjoyed the meals we made. I highly recommend Chef Sanjay and look forward to another session with him as we explore another region of Indian cuisine.
Mark GoldmanMark Goldman
20:33 09 Jan 23
Sanjay came very prepared and was charismatic, knowledgeable, and entertaining. He gave a long, informative overview on India's different types of cuisine and their history - even answering more specific questions that we bothered him with. During the cooking portion he was patient and, most importantly, helped us produce amazing tasting dishes. I feel that this improved my culinary skills overall, outside of only Indian cooking, and that I will be able to prepare the dishes we made effectively in the future. Sanjay also built his class in a way that makes me believe (perhaps overconfidently) that I'll be able to improve on Indian recipes I come across. Couldn't recommend him enough.
Monica JonesMonica Jones
19:47 20 Sep 22
I got the private cooking class for my husband's birthday. Sanjay was so educational and taught us the basics of Indian cooking. The class was hands-on and we got to try a wide variety of entrees and even make our own bread. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fun alternative idea for a great date night!
James LabordeJames Laborde
22:28 27 Mar 22
Sanjay's cooking class was a fantastic experience! He came to my apartment, bringing all of the necessary items. He started the class with a deep history and slide show of Indian cooking methods and different regions and history - a nice presentation to set the stage. He then helped us prepare the dishes, with the right amount of hands on teaching to show us the methods while letting us do the cooking. The meal was delicious and incorporated all of the flavors and techniques that we were looking for. He sent a follow up email summarizing all that we prepared and helpful pieces of equipment. The class is lengthy as we were starting with no experience, but Sanjay kept us entertained with stories and cooking tips, all while creating a wonderful meal. Would recommend to anyone looking to explore Indian cooking, or as a fun and creative date night. Would definitely recommend!
Sasha SobolevaSasha Soboleva
17:57 27 Mar 22
Absolutely best experience ever! So helpful, funny, informative and intelligent, Sanjay you made my gift for my husband so special! We are more in love with indian food than ever. Thank you so much! Would take this class again and again.
20:13 22 Mar 22
What a fantastic class this was! Sanjay was very knowledgeable and took the time to go over every details and questions throughout the process. I highly recommend too anyone looking to expend his skills and understanding of Indian cuisine.
Stacey GordonStacey Gordon
17:23 18 Jan 22
My family quickly pivoted to a staycation in NYC during the height of Omicron, and found Sanjay and his Indian cooking classes as an activity for the 6 of us. We had such a wonderful time learning about Indian history, geography, culture and spices.The food Sanjay cooked with us was delicious and we've already used his recipes again. After our evening together, Sanjay followed up with us to give us store recommendations for both kitchen gadgets and spices. He was delightful to be with for the hours-long cooking class. For a delicious, super fun and experiential group activity, I highly recommend Sanjay's in-home Indian cooking workshops!
Janica JainJanica Jain
21:26 17 Jan 22
I reached out to Chef Sanjay as sometimes it’s hard to learn from family members and it was such an enjoyable and wonderful experience. As soon as I reached out, he was extremely open to what I wanted to learn and created a list of recipes to try based on that. During the lesson, Chef Sanjay spent time actually providing the history of India and a lot of background on the ingredients themselves i.e where they originated from, purpose, etc. We were able to go through many different recipes in the course of 3 hours and I learned new tips that I am now using constantly. He also helped me understand the use of spices and how to differentiate them which has always been tough for me particularly. I even bought a new pressure cooker! - something I was so scared of using before and now a staple.Highly recommend Chef Sanjay!
Vadim IzgurVadim Izgur
03:33 07 Jul 19
My wife and I didn't know what to expect. We've never taken a cooking class like this before. Indian cooking may seem to many complicated, requiring a savvy understanding of masalas. However, Sanjay, by going through the history of the cuisine, boiling down variety of cooking styles to a small number, and guiding us through the cooking process, completely took the mystery out of the process.It was quite a fun, educational, and delicious experience. We no longer have apprehension in preparing new scrumptious Indian dishes that are now part of our repertoire. I would encourage others to book this cooking class. The instructor caters to your skill level, experience, tastes, and goals.Thank you, Sanjay!
Ben HolmesBen Holmes
01:14 15 Aug 18
I took the Intensive Private Cooking class with two friends. "Amazing" is the only word I can use to describe it. Sanjay is a great (& patient!) teacher, and it was an absolutely delightful & professional experience. The food was fantastic, and coupled with Sanjay's brief introduction to the history of India and the different cuisines, it was a night to remember. I'm very excited to try my hand at the recipes by myself! I can't recommend Indian Home Cooking highly enough.
Adrienne MooreAdrienne Moore
21:27 15 Jan 18
Sanjay is awesome. He taught me about the origin of Indian spices (cumin, coriander, garam masala, etc), their migration through the spice trade and their importance of these spices in Indian cooking - primarily to create harmony and balance in the body, it's medicinal (ayurvedic) purposes and how you build the spices in layers as you're cooking. We made Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Dal Tadka, mint cilantro chutney, cumin basmati rice and lamb kadai.Everything was delicious. I can't wait to try these recipes again, build on them and continue to expand my knowledge of Indian cuisine.Thanks Sanjay!
Jesse ___________Jesse ___________
20:41 10 Dec 15
Great teacher! Showed me how the 6 tastes and the layering approach permeated many different cuisines from around India so now I'm, theoretically, ready to use original combinations of ingredients and it still comes out tasting like the real thing.Fun class, engaging instructor, very informative. I took it by myself and enjoyed it immensely.Jesse Greene

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