Sanjay - Indian Cooking Classes

Sanjay – chef, instructor & culinary historian was born and brought up in India.

25 years back his desire to eat Healthy, Flavorful home cooked food prompted him to start cooking dishes from his region. He learned the fine art of creating taste and health balance by using numerous herbs and spices in the best Indian culinary school called Indian Home Kitchen.

His background as an engineer and his scientific bend of mind motivated him to develop an understanding of the 4000-year-old Indian Science of Living Well-Balanced Life from where most Indian Cooking Techniques originated and which forms the backbone of all Indian Cooking and Yoga.

His work and passion of traveling took him to almost all corners of India, where he learned intricacies of authentic regional cuisines from his friends and extended family.

After moving to New York City some 9 years back he started sharing these secrets first with his friends and then with all those who desired to cook healthy, flavorful meal at home. The success of over 950 classes with over 3200 participants from about 65 nationalities motivated him to give up his twenty-year-old career in management consulting and move full-time to his first passion i.e. Food.

As Indian Cuisines, which is probably the first cuisine in the world, influenced half of the world cuisines in 4000 years of its existence, Sanjay has developed a unique instruction approach by blending participant’s ethnicity and experience to teach Indian cooking.

He recently launched his Recipe Kits – all specialty Indian ingredients that you require to create over 300 dishes catering to almost all Regular, Special – Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher and Allergen-Free Diets.