(for 1 to 8 participants)

Intensive Indian Cooking Class

Intensive Indian Cooking Class is a Private Intensive Cooking Class that is Hands-on and completely customizable to your actual requirements.

If you want to develop an in-depth understanding of Indian Cooking, spices and herbs, and various cooking techniques and wants to stock your kitchen with all spices and herbs this is the best class for you. Just for information, even a simple Indian dish needs at least 8-12 spices.

Healthy and Flavorful Cooking Classes

These classes follow the “Indian Science of Living Well-Balanced & Healthy Life” from where both Indian Cooking & Yoga originated. As a part of the class, we will cover How Indians over the centuries have used Food for “Nutritional, and Therapeutic” purposes and not just for satisfying hunger and taste.

In-depth, Hands-on Cooking Classes

1 Intensive Cooking Class = 4 Typical Indian Cooking Class

In these classes, we use the Approach of Learning the Building Blocks of Indian Cooking rather than just teaching the recipes. Thus just by learning 4-5 cooking ideas yo

Key features of the Private Intensive Indian Cooking Classes:-

  • Intensive Indian Cooking Classes are approximately 3½ to 5½ hours in duration.
  • Each Intensive Indian Cooking Class includes an understanding of the benefits and usage of relevant spices
  • The intensive Indian Cooking Class will focus on Learning Right Indian Cooking Techniques.
  • An intensive Indian Cooking Class will illustrate How to Create Health and Taste Balance.
  • The menu for these Indian Cooking Classes is suggested from 13 distinctly different cuisines of India.
  • A typical Private Cooking Class includes the preparation of 4-7 dishes + accompaniments (sides/ flatbreads/ rice).

Customizable Menu

Menu for these Private Cooking Classes is Entirely Customizable and is decided in consultation with you and it is based on your actual needs & desires:-

  • Preferences – Ingredients, Taste Preferences, Specific Dishes.
  • Experience in Indian Cooking – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Specific Diet – Vegetarian Classes, Vegan Classes, Kosher Classes, Allergen-Free Classes, Diabetic-Diet Classes, and any other Allergen-Free, and Dietary Classes.

Class Location

Classes can either be held

at YOUR HOME KITCHEN* anywhere in NYC, NY(Westchester, Long Island, Hudson Valley), NJ, CT(Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield, and Hartford counties), PA (Poconos and Leigh Valley)


at my home kitchen in Brooklyn, NY

* for classes outside NYC we charge additional traveling fees between $50 to $100.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on all days of the week.

Class Pricing

$450 for 1 OR 2 participants.

$550 for 3 participants.

$650 for 4 participants.

$725 for 5 participants.

$800 for 6 participants.

$850 for 7 participants.

$900 for 8 participants.

* for classes outside NYC we charge additional traveling fees based on the location, starting from $50.

Other Information

For Additional information, questions, schedule availability

Contact Sanjay

Call 917.825.1396 OR email him at sanjay@indiancookingclassny.com